About Us

Macro Marketing Assoc., Inc. has been providing quality Local and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) products and services to government and commercial agencies since 1975. More recently, phone PBX systems have been added to our product line. These systems are primarily designed for small to mid-sized companies, and allow for easy expansion as your company grows.

Bringing together voice and data capabilities through an assortment of individual products has always been a headache for small and medium companies because separate products needed to be evaluated, separate equipment needed to be purchased, and separate monthly fees were required for separate phone lines dedicated to separate functions.

We have an installed base of customers in Atlanta,Ga, Nashville,Tn, Birmingham, AL, Jackson, MS and other cities in our four state area.



Phone Data eXchange(PDX) brings together all of the communications functions you need! Voice, Networking, Messaging, Internet and Administration gives you the kind of sophisticated voice communications features normally associated with big business digital systems but at a much lower cost.


If you have any questions or need more information please call  (256) 883-9630, Huntsville, Alabama